The azalea in the interior

The time when indoor plants stood neatly in a row on the windowsill is fortunately in the past. Nowadays we love to
experiment. And thanks to the endless choice of varieties, there’s an azalea to suit every interior.

  • Varieties that keep a low profile look good in a sturdy earthenware dish. Especially when combined with minimal design.
  • Azaleas with white flowers are perfect for a white interior. A bright dash of pink or red-flowered azaleas works well here too. Put the azalea in a modern cache-pot for a simple effect. The green-white colours also combine well with grey, beige and cream.
  • Do you like the natural look? Azaleas go very well with natural materials and colours such as brick red, wood, concrete grey, moss green, and so on.
  • Stem azaleas are a good idea for simple interiors, for example on both sides of a doorway to provide a warm welcome. Smallerstem azaleas make an impression when placed on a cabinet or occasional table.
  • It’s fun to put several miniature azaleas in a row on a cupboard.
azalea_interieur_moderen (28).jpg azalea_interieur_moderen (15).jpg azalea_arras_klassiek (3).jpg azalea_interieur_moderen (30).jpg azalea_interieur_moderen (2).jpg

As table decoration

  • Cut a few blossoms off the azalea, but not too short, so they can rest on a glass with their stem in water. That will keep them fresh for some time. Perfect for a festive table setting.
  • Put a large number of azalea buds, not yet blossoming, together in a glass bowl or dish. It looks like a very original pot
azalea_interieur_tafeldecoratie (2).jpg tafeldecoratie.jpg

Make your own creations

Use azaleas for flower arrangements. You can happily combine them with such materials as ribbons, woodchips, plastic shapes, reed stems and so on. These step-by-step instructions enable you to make splendid azalea arrangements in a trice.